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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings ~ Bessie and Nannie Parrott

This is Nannie Barber Parrott (on right) with daughter, Bessie Maude Parrott.
Robert Samuel Parrott was Nannie's husband.
I recently came across this photo that I have never seen before.
Nannie is my great grandmother.
They are seated on the front steps of Nannie's home that was once located on New Hope Road in Gastonia, N.C.  The land was sold and now a church stands in it's approximate location.
I remember there was a field to the left of the house that was full of flowers, irises, I think.
The flowers on Nannie's lap were most likely gathered from the field.
I imagine that Uncle Ed was the source of all the flowers, he loved to garden and could grow the most beautiful flowers.

New Hope road once came directly by Nannie's home. It came though the trees, near the drive of my grandparent's house,  and up the hill to her house, and at the entrance to what was her drive, was a massive milling stone.  I do not know the origin of the mill stone but I imagine it has history in my family.

To the right of the main house was what was called the "garage apartment".  Edward Parrott lived there in his later years. Ethel and Wilburn lived there early on in their marriage. The apartment was struck by lightning and burned after the death of Edward.

Bessie lived with her mother until her death. She never married.