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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Uncle Jesse Parrott

Our Second Great Grandpa, Noah Tyre McKinsey Parrott

had an older brother named Jesse Parrot.

Jesse was born March 22, 1790 in Campbell County, Virginia.

This would make Jesse our Second Great Grand Uncle, if you are from my generation.

Jesse moved to Georgia, along with the family, around the age of four years old.

He grew up and married Sarah "Sallie" Cooper. Together this couple had at least 6 children.
I say at least 6, because during this time, children sometimes died very young, with not much record keeping at the time, some were sadly not documented.

Jesse was a private in the War of 1812, serving from Oct. 1814 to March 1815, in Captain Dawson's Company.

He was a farmer by occupation.

Jesse lived to a ripe old age. He was a resident of Carroll County, Georgia at the time of his death.

There was an article written about him in the Atlanta Constitution, on March 29, 1891:

A Patriarch of Carroll, Lives to be a good old age.

Carrolton, GA. March 28 (special)

Jesse Parrott, living near Carrolton, celebrated his one hundred and first birthday. He is the oldest living man in Carroll County. Mr. Parrott draws a pension from the United States Government for service in the War of 1812. He is very dull of hearing, but can walk around his farm, and did some gardening work last year.

***Some records of his birth contradict that he lived to be over one hundred years old, stating he was 98 at the time of his death. Still at 98, he lived a long, full, life.

Jesse is buried at Bethesda Baptist Missionary Church Cemetery in Carrollton, Georgia.

His wife Sarah "Sallie" Cooper is buried in the Phillips Cemetery along with son, John Wesley Parrott and his wife. This is a tiny cemetery located in the woods down in Georgia.

Jesse Parrott and his wife, Sarah "Sallie" Cooper Parrott had the following children:

Son ~ John Wesley Parrott
Daughter ~ Hannah Parrott
Son ~ Jesse Asbury Parrott
Son ~ Thomas Tyre Parrott
Daughter ~ Amanda Parrott
Daughter ~ Martha Ovenezia Parrott

~ Son, John Wesley Parrott married Catherine Spradlin and they are buried at the Phillips Family Cemetery, Fayette County, Georgia. John Wesley was a Lieutenant in the Civil War.

John Wesley Parrott is listed in the U.S. Veterans Gravesite Listing:

Name: John Parrott
Birth Date: 22 Jan 1815
Death Date: 28 Apr 1866
Cemetery: Phillips Fam Cem
Cemetery Address: Fayette CO Brooks, GA 30205

~ Daughter, Hannah Parrott married Wade H.P. Knowles on July 09, 1840 in Fayette County, Georgia.

~ Son , Jesse Asbury Parrott lived to age 68, I have not yet located his burial place.

~ Son, Thomas Tyre Parrott married Julia A. Hightower and fought and died in the Civil War. He is buried at the Confederate Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia. He died 1863.

~ Daughter, Amanda Parrott, married John J. Johnson on January 26, 1854 in Fayette County, Georgia.

~ Daughter, Martha Ovenezia Parrott first married John W. Davis, who sadly died in the Civil War. She remarried to John Henry Williford on March 11, 1866. They had at least five children together. She is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia along with John Williford.

There are about 21 Parrott family members buried in Ebenezer Cemetery in Fayette County, Georgia.

Among the Parrott's resting there, is Columbus E. "Lum" Parrott.

Columbus "Lum" was a Great Grandson of Jesse Parrott.

Anyone ready for a roadtrip down to Georgia??

This graveyard rabbit is ready, for sure!

1860 Census Record ~ Noah Tyre Parrott Family

Click on image to enlarge.
Family starts on line #28

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lost Souls ~

Sometimes the search for family touches my heart in a way I never anticipated.

A rock fence lines this cemetery. It is just beyond the perimeter of the cemetery located at Beth Shiloh Church in York, South Carolina.

The souls lie here in a powdery soil, underneath a thick stand of old trees.
Mostly forgotten. There are only two markers here that bear names. Most are just fieldstones and there is a scattering of crude metal crosses. These crosses standing in silent memory of the person buried beneath them.

Who are these souls?

Slaves, Paupers, or both?

I do not know. I only feel their pain, that they are not remembered properly.

Lost souls in a powdery grave, all those that may have known them, long gone themselves.

Forgotten with time passing and marching on. The world just moves on.

The church has a sound system mounted on the roof that plays music, apparently on the hour. The chimes of a hymn drifted over the still air as I searched the cemetery.

I take solace that the beautiful strains of the hymns play for the lost souls that lie down the hill from the cemetery. Those that lie beneath the small stones.

Rest in peace.