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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anthony and Letitia Ellis Sarratt ~

See this fascinating account of Noble Sarratt's book.

I had read some time ago, that there was a couple of old family cemeteries, located not far from the Old Ellis Ferry. The idea that more family was buried in that very vicinity, and that I had not located them yet, was just not acceptable..grin.

I just could not resist.

I do love a good challenge!

Letitia’s parents are buried there behind the Ellis Ferry Station house, along the Broad River.

James and Margaret "Peggy" Hopper Ellis.

Their son, Benjamin J. Ellis, was a brother to Letitia, (my 4rd great grandfather).

There was just little over a year's difference in their ages, so I would imagine they were close to one another. She was born in August of 1781 and he was born in September of 1782.

Letitia married Anthony Sarratt.

Letitia was my 4th Great Grand Aunt. Her marriage to Anthony Sarratt made him my 4th GGrand Uncle.

Letitia was apparently buried alongside her husband.

On the property once owned by the Sarratt Family.

We waited for a ‘not so miserably’ cold day and we struck out in the ol’ 48. It actually turned out to be a great day.

After a few wrong turns and a nice, long, country ride in the sunshine, we found it!

Just up the road from the Old Ellis Ferry site.

The cemetery is located on a secluded parcel of land, out behind a lady’s house.

We stopped in, introduced ourselves and chatted for awhile before heading out over the pasture to the location.

There are huge trees towering over the markers.

The markers for Letitia and her husband are quite impressive and could be seen across the pasture.

~ Letitia Ellis Sarratt

Anthony Sarratt ~

Looking a little further, I found that Noble John Surratt, the son of Letitia and Anthony had written a biography of his family some time back, in the 1800's. Matter of fact, there has been a lot of documentation done on this family.

Noble John Sarratt ~ May 20, 1809 - January 03, 1897

There also exists documentation of a gift that Anthony Sarratt bestowed upon the community:

A Gift of Land by Anthony Sarratt

(age 55) to Eustatia Seminary.

Transcription follows:

"This South Carolina } Spartanburg District } July 02, 1832 -

Know all men by these presents that I Anthony SARRATT of the above State and District, for, and in consideration of the love I have for education, and the proper means for illuminating and expanding the juvenile intellect; To grant, alien, and convey to the present trustees of "Eustatia Seminary", viz. Elijah TURNER, Benjamin ELLIS, John ALLISON, John SARRATT, and Anthony SARRATT, the grantor hereof, and to their successors in office, one half (1/2) acre of land, whereon to build a comfortable house for the Academy, (and which house after it is erected, shall be free and accessible to any local or itinerant preacher, in which, to preach and proclaim the glad tidings of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.) Situate on the North side of Sarratt's Creek, along the edge of the "Post Road" leading from said Creek to Benjamin Ellis' Ferry on "Main Broad" River, & adjoining John Turner's land on said Road, and running parallel with the road, thence East eight (8) poles running parallel with the West line, and thence South ten(10) poles along the "Post Road" to the Stake at the beginning. With all and singular thereunto belonging, to the above mentioned Trustees, and their successors in office, to have and to hold from me, my heirs, and assigns, for academic and other instructive purposes of a public and neighborhood benefit; so long as the house may last, or is kept in repair for literary uses.
In witness hereof I set my hand and seal this 2nd day of July 1832 in presence of,
Wit: Gilbert Sarratt

John O'Neill

Signed by Anthony SARRATT { Seal }

Around the year of 1840, traveling preachers established a congregation at Sarratt’s School House, near Beulah Church, about 5 miles from north Gaffney Cross Roads.

Anthony Sarratt’s son Noble is buried beside his parents, alongside him, is Edwin Clatton Sarratt.

Edwin was the son of Gilbert Sarratt, grandson of Anthony and Letitia.

Edwin fought in the Civil War.

He was a Private in Company E, 4th SC Res. He died from wounds suffered in the war. His tombstone says that he died in the 4th Louisiana Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

He was only 17 years old.

I stood there and marveled at the intricate, impressive markers for these long gone people.

Out in a pasture, hidden away by time and an old barn. Time marches on.
There are only four still identifiable graves remaining. Others are marked with field stones or hidden from view.

Brambles and dead falls are scattered about.

Down the road, not very far are the remains of Anthony and Letitia's son Gilbert and his wife, Lucretia Irvine Sarratt.

The cemetery is very visible just across from the local V.F.D.

This cemetery is called Ellis Cemetery because it is located on Ellis Ferry Road.
It is also generally referred to as the Confederate Cemetery, by the locals.

Lucretia Irvine Sarratt ~

Gilbert Sarratt ~

Seeking the past and bringing it back into the “light” has become so near and dear to my heart.

Let us not forget these people and the mark they left, for us and for generations yet to come.

Rest in peace, Aunt Letitia.

May Angels keep you and your family.